AED University Online Courses

AED University's Online Courses can provide the information and training to improve the performance of your managers, your employees and your departments.

Because these courses are online courses, there is no additional cost for travel or time away from the office or shop floor. Participants benefit because they can study only the materials they need at their own pace.

These courses feature a mix of dynamic multimedia, exercises, plus resources and tools that can be applied at your dealership. Pre- and post-testing online ensures participants are learning what is most important and improving their skills and knowledge.

Registration is free to all AED Dealer Member Companies.
To purchase a course you must have a login and be registered in the AED Learning Management System.

To check to see if you already have a login, click on "FORGOT YOUR LOGIN" in the grey box above and enter your email address. If you do then a login will be sent to you. If a login is not available, click on "request more information" and a login will be sent to you.

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AEDU Online Courses are accessible through AED University for 30 days upon activation of the "Load Course" link. Access to the course will be restricted after 30 days of active availability for all participants regardless of course progress. Additionally, access to AEDU Online Courses will be restricted upon successful completion of the Post-Course Assessment with a minimum score of 80% or upon exhaustion of all opportunities to complete the Post-Course Assessment with the required minimum score.

To ensure that The AED Foundation?s online courses function correctly, learners must be sure that their systems are completely updated with the latest versions of:

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AED is an international trade association representing companies involved in the distribution, rental and support of equipment used in construction, mining, forestry, power generation, agriculture and industrial applications. AED member dealers are unique in that they are each authorized, via contract with an original equipment manufacturer, to inventory, sell and service new machinery in a given geography. More than 90% of AED's factory authorized dealers rent construction equipment as well. The Associated Equipment Distributors strongly adheres to and strongly advocates principles of integrity, ethics and fairness. The AED urges its members to conduct their businesses ethically and compatibly with the free enterprise system and the laws which govern it. Contractors can locate factory authorized construction equipment dealers at the MachineMart® web site.

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